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Full text of "Proceedings of the founding conference of the Libertarian Socialist League, summer 1949."

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Proceedings of the Founding <Jonforenco 

of the 
Libertarian Socialist League. 

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a» Kit or,. 

Motion 7 - Dinemooar: So elect a Director to attend to rxximQomQixb s and attonda&co 
for the 0hriotmr,B Conference. Carried, 

Minuteo of tho first sesaion of the Summer School I Conference of Socialists at 
9*50 AM, Sunday, June 26, 1949 at the Workman's Benefit Fund Summer Gamp, Genoa 
City j Wisconsin. 

PRESENT: Weitzmann..- Mass., Rafal - 111., Vogol - 111., Bone - Conn., Simon - 
Mich., Brenniman - Ohio, Johnson - 111., Robinson - 111., Brodsky - 111., M. 
Gutonkauf - 111.* Gardiner - Mass., J. Gutenkauf - 111., Herb and Charlotte 
Rubin - 111., Mann - H*.*», Fle-ichman - N.Y.>, Pargment - N.Y., Sigor - N.T., 
Din^ioor - N,Y., M.L. Rafal - 111., Rosen - 111., Forentz - Mich., Topper - 111*, 
Schanck - Ohio, Lewis - Ohio, Bates - Mich., Tekla - Ohio. 

nominations for Chairman s Bon©, Dinsmoor, Woilzmonn, Vogol. Declinations* Bono, 
Dinsmoor, Vogel* Comrade Weitzmann was elected Chairman* 

Nominationa for Secretary t Tekla, Rafal. Doolinotionsi Tekla. Comrade Rafal 
was elected. 

AGENDA ADOPTED, Summer School Committee report - Vogcl, Tho Committee recommen- 
ded that it permit everyone to participate and vote -who attended tho preliminary 
sessions prior to tho formal establishment of an organization, but that the Con- 
ference request persons whose primary loyalty belongs to other organizations not 
to oxoraise the privilege of voting. 

Leon Mann of tho Indopcnd Socialist League stated that since he is a member of 
another organization ha did not intend to vote in the Conference. 

MOTION li M. Gutenkauf - That tho Conference accept tho recommendations of tho 
Summer School Committee . Carried. 

MOTION 2* Vogol - That tho Conference procood to ootablioh a now organisation. 
Carried unanimously* 

WS&& 'submitted to the Confcronco a liot of organizational reoommendationa 
(written by Roson and J. Gutenkauf) plus the suggestion that the name of ifoo 
now organizction bo Libertarian Socialist league* 

Tho Confer once decided #o attend to tho points ad scriatuau 

Tho Chai* called for volunteers to operate the mimeograph machine during the 
Conference. Comrades Johnson, Rosen, and Flcichman volunteered. 

Organizational recommendations - Point 1. Namo to bo Libertarian Socialiat 
League. KOT.TON Js Tekla - To expurgate the word "Socialist" from tho propoood 
namot Defeated. 

MOTION 4x Dinsmoor - To postpone the question of a name until further diacuooion 
revcala tho nature of tho new organization* The oo c-*dcrcdr 

MOTION 5* Bono ^ To abandon ad soriatum procedure on the po.ii.-t a of the organ- 
izational recommendations and to adopt an organizational pcrHpcotivc» Carried 
by 10 to 3 vote. 

Extensive diecuasion followed on organizational perspectives* 

The Conference adjourned at 11*00 AM with the hour of reconvening sot at 12*00 

Minutes of tho eoaond sosflion of tho Summor School Confer onco of Socialists* 
at 12 noon* Sunday, Juno 26, 19^9* 

PRESENT i tfoitzmenn, Rafal, Bob and Dot Bono, Simon, Bronnoman, Mann, Mary. Lou 
Rafal, Topper, Fro-laky, Hcri> Rubin, Schank, Bates, Fcrontz, M. Gutenkauf, 
Robinaon, Johnson, Mr. und Mrs* Bhorot Later s Ei£'cr, Flcischman, Vogol, 
Dinsmoor, Lewis, Tekla,, Charlotte Rubin, Gardiner # 

Organisational Recommendations - Point 1# (Tho NAME of the organization to 
bo taken up lator)* & National Executive Committee of approximately 9 members 
which shall formulate general policios in lino with tho program and principles 

of thv &|HWpo 

MOTION It Brodsky - (Amendment)* That wo strike out the word "Bxecutlv© n 
and roplooo it with ,: Coordinating ". Carried. 


page Z - minutes 

Motion 2 ** Bone: That we proceed to the questions of program and' aetivitdo'si, and - 
delay the organisational matters until the July 3rd session. Defeated. 10 to 3, 

Point !• - Carried* 4 abstentions. 

Point 2»; An organisation committee concentrated in tho locality of the national 
healqi-artera vfaloh shall supervise the functioning of the national headquarters and 
oo-ordiiute the activities of uhe various soctions, Carried- 6 abstentions* x 

Point 3 # : A full time, paid Executivo Sccrotary to do tho Jimoy Higgons work of the 
organization* Can led. 1 abstontion, 

Point 4* (five sections* ad serlatum): The minimum requirements for membership are: 
1. Financial responsibility* Carried;, 
E, aegulor activity* Carried* 

3 # Poiit4eal agreement on eseontials* Carried* 
4* No affiliation with rival political organizations* 

Motion S - logol (substitute for aeetion 4 of Point 4); Ho affiliation with politi- 
cal orlaniia tloaa- that this organisation declares* rivals Carried*. 

§# Acceptance of the democratic dicipline of the group* 

Hoticm 4 ~ Bone (amendment for soot on § of Point 4): To ad* that this 1»e intor- 

pietod as negative dlnip line* Carried* 

Section S of Point 4» - Carried as «3aende€* 

Point' 5; Few memtiers must tm reviewed and accepted "by a membership committee sot up 
by local f!oc'-**en3 cf -';ho group f , Ifemliership applications are subject to further re** 
vie* "H higtur bo^iea* 

KotXon 5„ Vd.«;o1 (mondraont to Point 5): To strike out tho words tf higher "bodion" and 
rti* ther. wftn s "!?';ional Organisation Commit-soe** and "National Coordinating Corn*- 
rir , !t>e% Ca^riei* - . . . . 

Pclnt B% Imq to the vise and nature of tho group wo "believe that the local o>rgani, t «** 
tioit* sft'-mJa have a functional haaia^ Wo oppose to tho googxi-jibiooX* <>* branch mr&m?* 
im*?Qj u c/sK-cnl o*j c dittoes vfcioh shall include members on tho basis of their field 
of Mi'-HE w-.tjf ard/cr pri&iary interest* 

Motion 6 - 303eu (amendment to Point 6) J f o add the nerds ^twmever possublfi"* 

Kotio» ? - fegel (substitute for the whole of Point fi)t . Local units of thin organ! b& 

vloii &hol?. bo oriptjJ ied on a geographical or ftmctona). "basts ap boat Jfr.ts tie neoda 
of t;*i» local aifcn.,tion* Ihere-rer is orgar.i2ed on a geographical bania* m 
reonr-eiil tha* c-wrH^eee for fractional #ovfc b3 cxganited # if posrfib*e« Carried* 

7 to %« 1 aootemioii* 

Point; ft V* consider the mintlnanee of a permanent notional headquarters to bo a 
p vxrxo wruiiito for arganiraHon*. Carried <> 4 abstention^ 

Poln-* 8»t fan .m&t i*3portant .activity is tho rofjDlat'puljHoatioa of an organ pat- 

irr^.14 art or ,ho %e%,:)i^%hQD^x f r o£ the In&cpouaenl Labo* Party nf England* 57hl» 

>3ti^w.r 3at.ll "pc r^ja-Atle-to ***h3 national Coordinating Coomtfcaa- 

Molion 8 - Vo^ei « £^o-idteoat to Point 8.}: fa delete the .word* n Tbo moat 11 and suV 
etiT.Jte the ;wrl '^ J, -» C\*-ried* 7 to 4« 

Hotl^n 9 * Johnson (a~ior3taont to Point 8i)s fo strike out ail reforenee to the 

Kotl^ 10 - Vofel: 0?o rdd a diecussion "bulletin as Point 9* Carried, 8 to B* 

Meteor, i?. - Bone: fhat this organieatiols t in conducting elections, vote by siiaple 
L^jjTitr s.y 3*1X1 "lnloaj anv one cr aoro illdividttal0 , roo.ueat proportional ropresenta- 
tiou. Ui*rri^t. 

The Conference rotjessod a t 2j(X) s/m 9 tho hour of recomrening set at 5:00 pa* 

Motion 7 - Binsmoor; fo oloot a Director to attend to nrrraicomcnt s and attendance 
for tho Christmas Confer once. Carried* 

page 5 - minutes 
doptedf 6 the ° renaizational "commendations as they were amended and finally <y- 
Point 1. A National Coordinating Committee of approximately 9 members, which 

pI'eTof '™ ^o^r rnl P ° U0i0S ^ lino with the » r °S^ ana prinoi- 
Point 2. An 3rf,oni^tior> committee concentrated in the locality of the National 

Bcad2mr(orB which shall supervise the functioning of the national 
t> < * * Ebaa^aiffic-rs and Coordinate tho activities of tho virtin. awnc-w 
Point 3. A fx... tupe paid Executive Secretary to do the Jimmy Hx SB Z'^\t 
the cigan: aatxen* 65 »«**. ui 

Point 4, Tne m?xi-ru.m xec^.ireinanta for member 0hip are: ' 
a* Financial res-eons iMlity<. 
"ba Be{,nxlar activi^ 
o t Political aftrseruent on essential®. 

d ' tiof doci:.!e°a n ™. POlitiCal "^^..^ «»* «*■ orgoni*,, 
6 * ^ r P 'Kw !^ *" Boor,rtl «» Aioipline of tho group, and that 
Point 5. How members must l>o reviewed and accepted by a membership committee 
sot up .* local sections of tho group, itotfbrtaa'p appliLS „o 

^^ f a: "'? h f T* ™ * y tto ^ io ^ Organist ion Committea^d/ 
« 4 *. * National Coordinating Committoo, ww 

Point .6. to-^^UB of thi„ -Ration shall ho organized on a geographic*! 

%,^.r^ ( rf TJOst fits tho needs of the local situation. 

Mwrovcr r. unit i* organized on a geographical basis, vr vocamumA +■ 
Point 7 * b *V°7"*, c ' M '?* *»rtio«a work !o organist if po^ibC 
Point 7. we co^. 0I cho ma nt„, of a rormanon/nat i onal J^ 9 to 
-d 4 * « ? ? ^ K ^uuisVlre for organization. 
Points, ^^^t octuity ij J to w^«P^Wieatioft of « o Wi Q* 

j/Lfco* sWlBo roaponsiUo to the National Coordinating CoMttittea 

The organisation shall imblieh a aiami««4™ wh2m7 S ^mmitte®. 

Point 9. ^ organisation shall p^h ali^= ffi 


Minutes of tho lattar half of tho second session of tho <tnm»» q„i,„„i „ » 
Socialist, at S;00 P m, Sunday, June zT. ml, ° Smm * S ° h001 °«*«w» <* 

S?^4* T v 8 ° 1 ' 'f oitzmr - En ' *•*!»» Bates, Boson, Bafal, Topper, Mann. Dinsmoor Joe 

*al i>tnLd<'"* Charlotte BuUn, Johnson, Kobinson; Brodaiy, 

£££o" " ££ Wh ° ther °' DOt th0 ^ **** «>™*** «o matte, of pox- 
Sle! U ° f ^ t0fly " a8 t0 dl8P0nBS With th ° « a and meet as a committee of tho 

ESlT^'SSr ,011 °-* ° n th ° aCtiVity ' W* «* -gani^tional p^poc- 
Adjourn^: 5: SO pm» Hour to reconvene act at 7:00 pm. 

SISS. 1 ^ t Ultr ° S ^ '"-" SCh ° 01 ° 0nferenC ° ° f *-*-»•*• «». 7:00 

Present: Weitzmann, Harry ana Marv Lou Pnfni tta^i t, ~ *. 

H-mn, ?eEPO r. Borma Joe LH^e^£V>E£j' X! ? ???»««. »«*•. 

Gardiner. Johnaon, .lei.chman, Bo^ «^^^! W S^ B ^tS^So^ r8,, ^• 

!f f:Ls,"anTt°o pl*on ^™if 3 °tTZ '^"l™ * ^^ ^ °^^^n- 
in tha preparation of a onf or^nce toL s ™f * S S "S:, > ^ J^ * tosk 

function, c. In the event ThaTL aTZ? 1 ? ! ' 0h ° 1Vr ^ escn * toadoacy can 

the we wilH w££ to operate^f th" ttttMot1 ^ loader elements to 
wo inoond to build in tho interim. Carried, * r ° 8 * BB ""* or ««l«««> "hich 

Cor.ra-16 Togel roa d to tho Confomnor. m. „„+h„_ « 

page 4 - minutes 

A list of resolutions were drawn up and the Chair asked for volunteers to write 

thorn and submit them to tho July 3rd session, The -resolutions and authors arc: 

The State - Rosen 

War ** Dinsmoor. 

Internationalism * Fleischman 

Student Field - Mg&t, Johnson, and Marty Gutenkauf 

United Labor Party - Bafal 

Workers Control - Bone 

Race Relations - Johnson 

Trade Unions - liger 

Motion 2 - Dot Bon©: To oleot an arrangements committee for tho July 3rd session. 
Carried. * » 

Tho Chair called for nominations for the committee. The following were' nominat oil 
Biger, Weitsnana* Joe Gutenkauf, Fleischman, Dot Bone, Marty Gutenkauf, Johnson, 

Rafil* Declinations; ligeaf, Joe Gutenkauf, lieisohman, Marty Gutenkauf, Johnson* 
The will of the "body was that . tho committee stand .at Weitzmann,, Dot Bono, and 

Raf ai * - ■ 

Adjourned at 8:30 pm» the hour of reconvening to he decided by tho'Arrangomontc 

ty&mtes of the fourth session of the Summer School Conference of Socialist© at 
8 tOO pm, Thursday, June 30th, 1949. 

.Presents Weitsmann, Bafal, Johnson, -Vo^ei, M&w* Kantor, Tekla, If*. Gutenkauf , 
tlolechman, Boh and Dot Bono, Bookbinder* lann, Topper, Dlnsmoox, Later* Rosen, 

J» Gutenkauf, Parpient,. 

Nominations for the Chair woro oponod» Tho following nominations were made*. 

Eicor, Weitamann, Johnson, Bookbinder, Declinations: Wcitsmann, Bigor, Bookbinder* 

Co»suxe Jo^im »# elected Chairman , 

0omra€# Bafal waa nominated a xA elect od Secretary. 

Minutes of the previous sessions* were r'eai and approved* 

The following tentative agenda for tho July 3rd session was submitted by tho Ar- 

iangements Committee! 

X* Greetings ' 6. Finance 

Bm Minutes ; 7. Collection 

3 # Program and Perspectives ' 8. Resolutions 

4, Activities 9 m Sloctions ■ . ^ 

5« Organiaatlon and Dual Membership 10 « Good and Welfare' ' . . 

The Chair opened nominations fo"r the 'July 3rd keynote sppeotu Comrade § : ¥oge-l and 
Dinamoor woro nominated. 

Motion 1 - Topper ; That both comrades" ¥ogeX and Dinemoor present keynote speeches ». 
Carried. ' -? _ , 

lotion 2 - Dot Bonos To accept the tentative, agenda for tho July 3rd &ossioiu Car- 

Motion 3 - Bafal: That the name of .the organisation shall be Libertarian Socialist. 

League* Carried. ...'.■ 

Activities Report -. Bone* (attached, to resolutions) . 

Motion 4 - Bonos ^o vote on emphasis, points of activities, and implicien%a • i on ox* 
tho Activities Report* Carriod. . ■ • 

Extensive discussion took place on emphasis in activities. 

Motion 5 - Bafal; To accept the Activities Report* Corri'eo.* ■ 

Motion 6 - Floiuohmam To establish the following offices for our publication: 
a* alitor t br==fcfitaiarfllte^|eje» t* Circulation Itaagcr, €L Production Com- 
mitt cc» 

Motion 7 - Dinsmoors To elect a Director to attend to arrangements and attendance 
for tho Christmas Conference. Carriod, 


page 5 - minutes 

Motion 8 - Bono: That the Chair Inquire of individuals present as 
to what suggestions they have concerning individuals and groups to 
he contacted for the Christmas Conference, and that the Secretary re- 
cord the list. Carried. 

A list was drawn up. of individuals and groups to be considered as 
possible participants In the Christmas Conference. 

Motion 9 - Vosel: That persons participating in the Christmas Con- 
ference agree in essence with our program adppted at the July 3rd ses- 
sion. Carried* „ . 

The will of the body was to elect a Financial Committee and decide on 
a location for the July 3rd session at 8:30 am, Friday, July 1st. 

The session adjourned at 11:00 pm, to, reconvene the next morally* 

Minutes of the latter part of the fourth session of the Summer School 
Conference of the Libertarian Socialist League at 8:30 am, Friday, 

Motion 1 - Dot Bone: To elect .Comrade Weltamann as a Committee of 
One to present a: financial report at the July 3rd session. Carried. 

S^+L 2 ^^ 9 !^ 2 Th t t com ^ do ? v °Sol and Takla arrange for a site 
1 or Tine duly 3rd session. Carried* 

Adjourned at 9:15 am, the hour of .reconvening to* be set by the 
ments Committee. . J j^-uhou 

NOTE: During ac period when the body was assembled, but not in session. 
Comrade Hlrsch proposed that a committee bo sot up to communicate 
wS^ nS ^!;? f £ ro ^„6foups. The committee established consisted of: 
reStinn^ and Tokla. Greetings were' sent to the 

revolutionary socialists of /-England, Franco, Germany, and Austria, 

?JSi? S ? f ^ ^fth session of the Summer- School Conference of the 
Libertarian Socialist League at 9:30 am, Sunday, July 3rd, 1949. 

£^o£ t: •D? Qrb i ail £ ^ arlott Q Rubin, Mrs. Marquardt, Schanck, ¥0501, 
K^fn^^^S^r^^ 11 ^ 1 ' D1 ^ M °or, Mann, Thompson Topper, 
Eigor, Johnson, J. Gutenkauf, Pargment, Flolschman, Rosen, Harry and 

¥£* ^f* T S£?' S h Glalr - Gnd ^s.'Drako, Mr. and Mrs Wylali, mj~ 
ford and Mrs. Sibley, Bono, Helmut and Mrs, Hirsch. Later: R0V01- 
M, Gutonkauf , Marquardt, Dot Bono, Bob Viohman. ' "oclgoi., 

Nominations for Chairman: Weltzmann, Johnson, V ogQl# Declinations: 
vogoi, Johnson. Comrade Woltzmann was eloctod Chairman. Conrade Rrfrl 
was nominated and oloctod Secretary. • «aiax 

Comrado Dinsmoor presented tho koynoto spoech, 

IrL^n^nL^^^L™ 8 J° discw ?s and act on ^ho oight Points of tho 
S3 ?n ^«^™2? a d a * 1 * twu (For a copy of tho Program Resolution 

tribSted £? f^ ^nl ^ 101 ? 6 > g nd 4 a ? option soe tho resolutions dis^ 
trlhutod at tho Summer School. Rovlsions upon which thoro was no dio- 
agreement were not put in the form of motions, and tho^roTaSo" not 
recorded in thoso minutes,) 

Program Rosolution - Point 1, - Carried. 
Point 2, 

Motion 1 - Rosen (amendment to Point 2,): To striko out tho term 

1 pago 6*'~ ninutop 

"burocratic collectivism" and insert "Increased statification of .the 
economy". Carried, - - 

Point ■£• . - Carried as amended* . 

Point 3. - Carried, 

The Conference recessed at 1.1:00 an, the hour of reconvening stt at, 

12:00 noon. 

Minutes of the latter part of the fifth cession of the Sumner School 
Oonfe?onSo of tto Libertarian Socialist League at 12:00 noon, ^unday, 
July 3rd, 1949 • 

Present: leitzmann, Ratal, Herb and Charlotte Rubin, ^^j± f ^l - .. 
S Drake Brodstor, Bob, and Dot Bono, Rosen, Dinsnoor, Marqv.t^rdt, 
Icnlnok Fleisctaan! Johnson, Joe and Marty Gutenlrauf, Evelyn My lam, 
RoSrs; BofvSaA, Mela, 'toper, Mann, TtoWBon, Ktator, -ihloy, 
Parsnont* Later: Mrs. Hlrsch, Vocol, Bookbinder, 

Point 4, 

Motion 1 - Hlrsch (amendment to Point 4,): To sttito out the word 
"dual" wherever it is omployed. Defeated 6 to 1* 

wntion 2 - Woitsnann (amendment to Point 4.): To strike out the words 
^worWe state" ant insert." a: coercive power directed against the 
Bourgeoisie" » Carried 7 to 5* 5 abstentions* 

Motion 3 - Vosol (ar.ondncnt to Point 4,): To insert- the word "^g1 ,! 

wherever "diaal" Is used, except in the last sentence in which it i; ls , , 
®aployod# Sef eatod 57 to 5» l 

Point 4# - Garried as -amended. 

Point 5* 

Motion 4 - Drake (amendment to Point 5*)* y o §dd "such a syoton of 
society would encourage the widest voluntary aoeociaMon of the masses 

in democratically controlled institutions. Carried* 

Motion 5 - Dtaanoor: To discontinue ad seriatun procedure and ostab- 
lish a Sonmittoo . to revise, the Pro-am and report back to the assonbly* 

Point 5* ~ Carried as amended. 

Point 6» ** Carried, 

Point 7. ** Carried, 

Point 8. 

Motion 6 - Floisehman (amendment to Point 8.): To substitute the word 

"expects" for "mast demand". Defeated 10 to 5» 

Point 8. * Carried, 

Motion 7 - Hlrsch: To reconsider Point: 5* of the Prosrrxi Ronclutlon* 


Motion 8 - Hirsch (amendment to sentence 3 of Point 5»)« ^ otrlko 
out l! workinF class" at the end of the sentence, and to insert worlrinc; 
class" before the words "ethical restraints" at the bocinninG oi* tho 

sentence, Garrlod, 

Tho Chair ordered that tho incoming national Ooordinat top, too ct« 
tend to printing the program to bo circulated indopondontly did/ or in- 
cluded in tho publication LIBERTARIAN SOCIALIST . 

pas T ■ ~ alnutoo 


The Chair asked for additions to, and revisions of tho Aotivitioo Ho- \ J 
port', and in their absence ordorod that tho Report stand as it wis ■ ** 4 

Organizational Recommendations: • • ",, f 

Motion 9 - Rosen (anendnont .to Point 1, of tho Organizational- Boooo- 

mendations): a. To strike out tho word "approximately" , and b # to 
add "with no alternates". 

Motion 10 - Brodsky: To vote on oaoh part of lotion 9 separately., 

Motion 9, part a, - Carriod 10 to 4. 

Motion 11 - Vogol: That the National Coordinating Oomittoo. ehr.1 1 
consist of, nine members with throe alternates* Carriod. 

Motion 9, part b, - autonatlcally defeated. 

Motion 12.'- Bono: That- this organization accept* Socialist Pariy non- 
bore providing they agroo with -and accopt our program # and noot othor 
nomborshlp requirements. Carried, . 

Motion 13 - Rosen: That primary loyalty to this organization bo ro- 

qulrod of persons holding nonborship in other, political organizations* 

Motion 14 - Dlnsfcoor (substitute for Motion 13 )* That this orgcnlz?:'.- 
tion accept people who do not have primary loyalty to any othor rrGioi- 
cal organization, Carriod 11 to 1, 1 abstontion. 

Motion 13 - automatically dofeated. 

Motion 15 - Brodsky; To ropoal Motion 12, Dofoatod 7. to 4, 5 ab- 

Tho Conference recessed from 3:15 pn until 3*30 pn. 

Motion 16 - Rafal: That wo declare tho Independent Socialist League 
and tho Socialist Youth League rival organizations. 

Motion 17 - Bono (substituto for Motion 16) : a. That this, organiza- 
tion is oriented toward unaffiliated people, b. Wo recognize that 
there are individuals who are; affiliated with other -organizations, and 
who are in ossontial agreement- with us. c. Wo do not intend to boro 
from within these groups to split off nonborsliip. d. Wo do intend 
to nako it as easy as possible for those individuals to nafeo tho, trans- 
it ion. o. Therefore, we pornlt dual nonborohip for such individuals! 
whoso primary loyalty is not to the othor organization, t • 3ach in- 
dividual applicant will bo screened by our nonborship eonnittooc^ as 
provided for in tho organizational report. Roll Call, For: ^igor, 
Dinsnoor, Floischnan, H, Rubin, Bob Bono, -Dot Bono, Sohanck. Against:: 
Rafal, Woitznann, Brodsky, M. G-utonkauf, J* Gutonkauf, Roson, Jchnson, 
Vogol, Pargnent, Ptaeok, Topper, Dofoatod 11 to 7» 

Motion 16 - Carried, 

Financial Report - Woitznann, Conra&o Woitznann prosontod ostinatos 
of costs of various activities and functions of the organization, a~ 
long with estimates of future income and outlines of moans of raising 
money , 

The Conference adjourned at 5*45 pn, tho hour of reconvening 6:45 P- r :.* 

Minutes of tho sixth session of the Sumner School Conference; c : f tho 
Libertarian Socialist League at 6:45 pn, Sunday, July 3rd* l£ 7 +r» 

Prosont: Woitznann, Rafal, Ptaeok, R oson, Brodsky, 'Pepper, Mann, Dot 
Bono, Pargnent, Mr. and Mrs. Marquardt , Bob Bono, Sigor, Flalsehnon, 


Dinsnoor, V o B oX, Rodsors, Mr. end Mrs. Kantor, Br. and Mrs. Hirsch, 

Evelyn Wylan, j! S utenkauf, Mr. and Mrs. oibloy. Lr.t »i • • "W 

M. u utonlcauf , Alioo Rlfkln. . 

Motion 1 - J. <W*aufi To accept tho .Financial Report. Carried 8 

to 2. 1 abstention. 

Conrado Bono delivered a collection speech, asking for, and rocoivins, 

innodiato donations and plodsos. 

Tho Chair requested Conrado Vogol to write <* lottor of *to*B to tho 
Worknan's Benefit Fund for tho use of thoir ouncor Oonp. 

It was announced that seven pooplo volunteered to soil blood to help 

raiso nonoy for tho organization. 

Motion 2 - E on o: That elections of of floors' and connlttoos prco-lo 

resolutions on tho agenda. Carriod. 

Conrado Bono was oloctod Christie Woronoo Director by aeclainatic. . 

Motion 3 - Floischnan: That tho National Offico bo located in Chiea 6 o. 

Carriod . 

Conrado Rafal too oloctod Exocutivo Socrotary by acclamation. 

Motion 4 - Floischnan: *hat the salary of tho Exocutivo Socrotary 

shall bo 135.00 por wo ok. Carriod. •. 

Conrado ^insnoor was oloctod Editor of the LIBERTARIAN SOCIALIST by 


Tho CbPir ordered that tho Editor of the LIBERTARIAN SOCIALIST should 

soloot his own Circulation Mana G cr end Production floral t.too,. 

Nonlnations for tho National Coo^inating Conr.ittoe^ Eifeor Vogol, 
Johnson. Floischnan, -"inonoor, Bono, Roson, J. ~" lon1 ";" l+„ „„ v nvm- 
teS Woitznann, Hirsch, Schanck, Parent, Goodfrian^, Ptacok, Top- 
Jor. Declinations: J. ^tonkauf, Ei G or, Ptac. , p ^°^t. ^f^° 
«„tnr,^v H n„ not wroeont and no ono vouchod for hln, but tao uu oi 
'Wymto allow his none on tho list of nominations. In the 
event of hil election, If ho could net servo , his place would bo fill- 
od by that of an alternate*) ■ 

Mntinn * ~ Eiftor: That tho Executive Socrotary bo an ox officio, non~ 
votinl nonboro? tho national Coordinates Connittoo. Carried 6 to b . 

Motion 6 - Floischnan: x o roconsidor tho quoation of tho sizo of tho 

NCO and roduco it to sovon* Dofoatod 5 to 5* 

Motion 7 - Roson: 4'hat tho National Organisation Copnittoo consist of 
f ivo pooplo7lncltadin8 tho Exooutivo Secretary who shall bo Gnalrnan, 

Noninctiona for tho National Organization Ooanlttoo: 7°^^ r ^ son I 
iSy GutSntauf , BrodaHy* Joo (fcitonkauf , Topjor, Ptacok, ^lunor. Do- 
ciinations: Vocol, Joo Otitoiitouf , Topper, Jttacok* 

Tho National Organization Oonnittoo as oloctod: Rafal, K. %toritarf » 

Roson, Brodsky, Blunor* 

Motion 8 - Rafal s That tho quonm of tho HOG shall bo ttooo, and tho 

quorun of tho NOG sovon. Carried. 

Tho National Coordinatins Connittoo as olootodt Woitznann,!^ Gtiton- 
teSf! Ro2£ BonS, Binaooor, Johnaon. Yo 6 ol, Jiirach, Sohanok, plas 
tho fccoTiutivo Socrotary (non-voting) ox oxficio, 

w ft nit,ntiona for eltornatoa to tho NCO: Dot Bono, Floiactaan, Topper, 
SS ^o^frioS, Pt^ok, Parent , Brodaky. Boc-linaticns: x-taook. 

pago i> •* uinvooa 

Motion, 9 -Bono: ,' r hat a voto of thanks "bo givon Comrado v ogol for his 
excellent work in arranging tho Conference* * Carried. 

Alternates to tho NOC elected: ^ot B one, Brodsky. A tie vsfc r^cprdod ' 
f>otwoen Floisehman and Pargnont.. ~ . - . 

Motion 10 - Vogol: To suspend 'tho rulos of ordor, Carried. 

Motion 11 - tknsmoor: T a&kbw an extra altornato, thordby bringing 
tho total to "four. Garriod. ♦ 

Comrades Jploischman and Pargmont automatically bocame altornatos to 
tho NOG. " 

Motion 12 - Brodsky (ad soriatum) : a* To have, a sossion of the 3 r ->. 
foronoo on July 4th in tho morning. Carried* b. To diaauoo rocolr- 
tlons .then. Garriod. c. T o limit discussion on oach resolution to 
twonty ninutos. Dofoatod. -d. To discuss ordor of resolutions to- 
night. -Defeated. 

Motion 13 - Rafal: That tho NOC hold a no o ting aftor tho prooont ses- 
sion. Carried* 

Motion 14 - Vogol: That whon unablo to attond meetings, 1TCC members 
shall appoint alternates. Failing to do 30 ompowors .tho HOC to appoint 
thorn* Carried. 

Motion. 15 - Roson: All committees, rogardloss of purposo or function, 
aside from tho NCO, shall havo no altornatos, oithor appointed or o- 
looted. Carriod* 

Motion 16 - Vogol: That tho Conforonco oxtond thanks to tho bo persons 
who serviced the body by delivering lectures throughout tber wook* Oar- 

riod. , • > \ . .,■■ .. ... ■ • 

Adjourned at 10:15 pm. To rooonveno during tho morning of July 4th. 

Minutes of tho National 'Coordinating Conmittoo of tho Libertarian 
Socialist Loagup at 10:30 pn, Sunday, July 3i"d, 1949* ., 

Present: Johnson, Roson, Bono, "^ogol, M. G-utonkauf ,\Dlnamoor, Woitz- 
mo.nn, Rafal. Ohsorvors: B t Bono, Brodsky/ Rif kin, 

Coirpado Rafal was oloctod Chairman and Secretary. , 

An agonda was drawn up , and loft open, in tho ovont ,of further .suggos*-* 
tions. % t 

Motion 1 - Woitzmann: To seat Dot Bono -and Brodsky as altornatos for 
comrades Hirsch and'Schanck. Carried. - 

The Ohair appointed Gomrado Woitanann a By-Law Connittoo of Ono and ro- 
quostod that ho furnish a report, at the noxt mooting' of tho MCG*. > 

Motion 2 - Vogol: To refer tho, mat tor of o looting a, financial Socro**.*. 
tary to tho NOG. Carribd. 

At tho request of tho Chair, Comrado Bono outlined his immediate plans 
In tho capacity of Christmas Conforonco Diroctor. 

Motion 3 - Jbhnson: T accept tho Christmas Conforonco Robert. Oar~ 

Sjummor School financial Roport •- Vogol. 

Tho will of tho body was to rofor tho Summer School Financial i.jr>ort to 
tho NOC. <• .-. 

Tho sonso of tho mooting' \* as "that tho NOC should odit tho program a** 


\ ' 

9 page 10 ~ ninutos 

doptod at tho Conforonco and sond copys to tho MCC members. 

The Gonmittoo decided to request tho session of tho ^onforoneo mooting 
on tho nornlng of July 4th to rofor tho resolutions on its agenda to 

tho NCC. . . .; • . . 

Motion 4 - Rafal: That tho 'first issue of tho LIBERTARIAN SOCIALIST., 

tho Soptombor-OotoBer, issue * bo Completed and roady for nailing by Aug- 
ust 15th* Carried, 

Tho Committee docidodto moot again over tho wook-ond of Soptonbor 23 f 
24 f and 25, 1949, in Akron, Ohio if posslblo. 

Adjourned 11:30 pcu 

Minutes of tho seventh session of tho Sunnor School Conforonco of tho 
Libertarian Socialist League at 10:00 an, Monday, July 4th, 1949* 

{NOTE: Tho Socrotary was absont from this brlof session oxcopt for tho 
very last moments. Thoroforo, noithor tho attendance, nor tho makers 
of notions aro recorded.) 

Conrado Vogol was elected Chairman. 

Motion 1 - To rofor all rosolutions proparod for this Conforonco to tho. 
next sooting of tho NOG, allowing in tho moantimo, now rosolutions to 
bo submittod. Carried. 

Motion 2 - To roduco tho quorun of tho NCC to fivo menbors. Carried. 
5 to 2, Conrado Roson askod to bo recorded as ono of tho two opposed* 

Adjourned at 10:30 an. 

Minutes of tho National Organization Committee of tho Libertarian 

Socialist League at 8:30 pn, Friday, July 8th, 1949* 

Present: Marty ^utenkauf, Rafal, Brodsky. Observers: Topper, Joe 

G-utenkauf, Fleischman, Later: Vogol, 

Conrado Rafal was elected Ghairaan and. Secretary • 

Agenda adopted. 

Conrado Brodsky was elected Financial Secretary. 

Motion 1 ** M* ^utenkauf : All funds disporsod nust bo counter-signed 
by tho Executive Secretary, or by a majority of tho HOC, tho latter 
having superior authority in tho evont of dispute. Carried* 

Motion 2 ~ M. ^tonkauf: That tho Executive Socrotary invest igato the 
price paid for blood, and bl&od banks in Chicago. Carried. 

Motion 3 - M. Crutonkauf : That tho Exocutive Secretary compile an organ 
izational membership list. Carried* 

Motion 4 - K. Gtitehkauf : That the Executive Secretary bo allowed 
$10,00 petty cash, a constant sun to be replenished . by the treasury of 
tho organization. Carried. 

Motion 5 - Rafal: That the HOG roquost Conrado 3igor to design a.non- 
borship card and a letterhead. Carried. 

Motion 6 - Rafal: That the Executive Socrotary draw up an 'applicatlon- 

forHaomborshlp blank to bo submit tod to tho HOC for approval, and a 
copy of tho Program, as revised by the Conference, to bo submitted to 
Conrado Vogol and Francis Heislor, tho lawyer. Carried. 

<MM*4' -*<V'.V<n-«***- *t -' ••'■- »»-..»■ -«-r- r#*i*-f iW'WrtJi **»• • >«w-<'i » — n*wi' v .»i rr .umiuiuip . ■■ 


P^go 11 - nlnutos 

foronoo 7 NCC^^wnr^ P 5 C0Py S ,° f > 3 °°°ploto ainvtoa of tho C on - 
j-uranoo, jnoc , and NOC bo mimeographed for distribution. 

ordo^Vn *£*J hlboiik f at ' m ' To dolay r °ntln S an office for two wooks In 
order to further oxploro possibilities for a 5 ood location! Cried? 

Motion 9 - Rafal: That the NOC authorizo tho Bxocutivo Soc-ot.n» tn 
SSSrShS! P §SrS: naBtl ° a bUll ° tin fr0n tta0 "' ^K.^tb^nSw 

Sno^ at cSri^d. 1C ° S b ° SOnt OT,t aS SOon aa Po^ible^o'peopL'owins 
Adjourned: 10:00 pnu 

Rospoctfully submitted, 

- :' * '"".•.. * Harry A, R a fcl 
.. ' Secretary 

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Libertarian Socialist League (U.S.). 
Conference (1949 : Genoa City, Wis.) 

Proceedings of the founding conference of 

the Libertarian Socialist League, summer 


[United States : Libertarian Socialist 

League?, 1949] 

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